Simplify Luxury Family Travel: Babies Travel Lite Helps Make Flying with Babies and Children Easier

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Anyone who has taken their baby or young child on a long plane trip knows how much space is taken up by baby paraphernalia. Diapers are bulky, formula is heavy, and the assorted other travel items for babies and children simply take up a lot of space. What with the limited carry-on sizes, and the weight limit for stowed luggage, traveling with young children is enormously burdensome. Babies Travel Lite provides a great alternative. In addition, you could always bring your favorite sports betting pastime via

Babies Travel Lite delivers food, diapers, formula, bath supplies, and virtually any other baby supply needs, virtually anywhere in the world. Being able to avoid packing all those supplies for young children brings a new meaning to luxury travel. CEO and founder Natalie Pechacek arrived at this idea while struggling with the inconvenience she encountered when flying with her own baby. Ms. Pechacek sat down for a conversation about her company and how it adds a convenient human element during the ordering process. She recounts how her mother couldn’t find many items on her shopping list, despite traveling to several stores in her Midwest town. Babies Travel Lite now delivers over 1,000 baby products worldwide (a minimum of 2 weeks advance order is advised). The result? Many, many happy children and satisfied parents enjoying luxury vacations, with the convenience of their favorite supplies waiting for them in their hotel suite.

Add Convenience and Luxury to Family Travel with Babies Travel Lite:

  • Babies Travel Lite was founded in 2003.
  • The company has a web-based Travel Guide for parents traveling with young children.
  • Babies Travel Lite delivers baby and child supplies such as formula and diapers throughout the world.
  • The company has access to over 1,000 name brand products, including specialized, hard-to-find formula for babies with food allergies.
  • Ordering through this company frees up more room in parents’ stowed luggage and carry-on bags.
  • In case luggage is lost or misplaced, parents can be assure that their children’s needs will be met regardless.
  • Babies Travel Lite has introduced a full line of organic baby and child care products to its repertoire.
  • The company website offers airplane travel tips for flying with infants and toddlers.
  • The company uses FedEX Ground or Express, depending on several factors including destination, customer preferred shipping method, and package weight.
  • Questions or comments can be answered personally. Call toll free (888) 450-LITE Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30(PST).

Parents of older children likely have memories of trying to squeeze baby and child supplies into carry-on bags for a family vacation. We at Luxury Resort Travel remember an ill-fated trip to the Caribbean, in which the luggage holding toddler supplies was temporarily waylaid. It’s nice to know that in the future, family vacations abroad can avoid this hassle.