Frugal Ideas for Traveling: Low Cost Travel Tips for Small Business Owners

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Not all small business owners have to travel frequently for their jobs, but most of them do travel occasionally. They attend conferences to learn about new techniques and developments in their fields or they visit new locations to see if they would be ideal spots for expansion. No matter why they need to travel for business, the majority of these entrepreneurs have the same problem. They have a very small travel budget and need to make their trips as frugally as possible. And for you to recover from your expenses, you could always bring your sports betting pastime on the go via

Pack Lunches

Small business owners who brown bag it at home tend to head to the restaurant when they’re on the road. Making a quick trip to the local grocery store or super store to purchase snacks and non-perishable foods for breakfast and other meals that aren’t essential networking opportunities is a smart idea.

Find a Conference Buddy

After small business owners attend a few conferences or seminars, they’ll begin to see familiar faces. A few of these other attendees will have similar interests and habits. While they are networking and exchanging contact information, smart entrepreneurs will discuss the possibility of splitting some of the expenses at the next conference or seminar they attend. Sharing a room, attending workshops on alternate days and summarizing information for each other and carpooling are all ways to reduce conference expenses.

Check Organization Member Benefits for Savings on Travel

Many organizations, such as the state or local chamber of commerce or a professional small business association, offer member discounts and savings packages. Some examples include Hertz Rent a Car discounts or reduced hotel rates. Professional associations may also offer ways to save on conferences or seminars, such as hiring a bus or van so a group of members can car pool to the location.

Take Advantage of Traditional Travel Discounts

Small business owners who don’t belong to professional organizations may think that they aren’t going to be able to find the same discounts that members of these organizations receive. Fortunately, this is not the case. Some of the best discounts for small business travel can be found through traditional associations and memberships. You may even bring your own sports gear like to save on equipment rentals. 

  • AAA members routinely get discounts on food, lodging and transportation throughout the US and in many other countries.
  • Joining a frequent flier club can really help with ticket costs if someone travels frequently.
  • Some business credit cards or consumer credit cards offer rewards programs that include frequent flier mile redemption.
  • Many credit card companies have special card holder discounts on everything from museums to hotel rooms.

If a small business owner is willing to spend a bit of time researching, networking and planning, he or she can really reduce travel expenses. For an entrepreneur who travels frequently, even a small reduction in trip costs can add up to big savings.